Drama Therapy Center
The Nourishing Path 
A monthly series of guided creative inner journeys. 
​July 20, 2022
​7-8:30pm Central time over Zoom

Walking Your Path
with Abundance

We live in a time of dwindling resources and rising needs and costs. Join us for a creative, meditative journey to help strengthen your connection with the seeds of abundance within and around youfor an opportunity to envision walking your path of abundance - even in a world with shortages and needs. 

​Cost: $35 USD ($40 for registrations received after July 13th)

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About the Nourishing Path Project

A spiritual mentor once said to me something like: “Why do you take the thorny path, Nadya? You can still learn on a path that isn't full of thorns, but when you choose a thorny path, you’re always trying to dodge the barbs, and you end up all bloody."

This idea of choosing a less thorny path through life kept returning to me through different routes, and I began to question my assumptions about how I was navigating through life.  

My backyard was one of my teachers, as one summer day I was looking at the thorny thicket of the almost dead monster rose bush, and I turned to see a monarch settling on a leaf of swamp milkweed surrounded by blooming pink, yellow and purple flowers of the rain garden that had been gifted to me the previous summer. It nourished my heart to see life and beauty thriving, and I was reminded that sometimes I have difficulty receiving gifts, and it’s worth pausing to see all that is here. What if the radical path is not the thorny path, but the path that nourishes? I set out to listen for a nourishing path.

As I shared this with friends and colleagues, they were drawn to the idea. I shared about a simple letting go exercise, and a group of friends asked me to facilitate a session for them to practice letting go, which I did. They asked for more, and the Nourishing Path Project was born. 

Nourishing Path Project is a series of guided, creative meditative journeys to help you connect with your deepest wisdom and creativity as you practice finding and walking your unique nourishing path.
Past Nourishing Path Sessions

March 16, 2022: The Inner Critic
As you walk your path through life, does your inner critic sit on your shoulder and prick you with thorns? Or maybe it whispers softly in your ear? Or runs circles through your thoughts? Does it knock you off your nourishing path? Join us to explore ways to change your relationship with the inner critic and practice navigating a path through life that nourishes you.

May 25, 2022: Spring Inner Clearing
The Spring Garden Clean-up clears away dead and unproductive growth, composting all into the soil that nourishes the emerging green shoots of the garden’s soon-to-be summer bloom. In this cycle, the earth reminds us to clear out thought patterns, creations and expired remnants of past experience, composting them into the fertile wisdom that blooms in the next months and seasons of our lives.  Join us for a creative, meditative journey to connect with your inner wisdom and walk a nourishing path through life.

​June 22, 2022: Getting Unstuck & Opening Doors
Is there an area of your life that you would like to change or grow? Are you having difficulty finding the path forward or overcoming obstacles? Join us for a creative, meditative journey to connect through your inner wisdom to your ability to open doors to new opportunities for your path in life.


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