Individual and Group Therapy

Individual drama therapy sessions are available in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Begnning in Spring, 2011, we will be offering a drama therapy group for adult women and a drama therapy group for adolescents. For more information contact


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Consulting Services

Informational Talks:We frequently give informational talks to students and professionals about drama therapy. These talks include fun, lighthearted activities to introduce the drama therapy experience. 

Corporate Services:We will create an experiential learning opportunity for employees in professional and corporate environments. Drama Therapists are uniquely qualified to use tools such as role play and interactive exercises to assist in learning and communication. The benefit of utilizing a Drama Therapist is that we have training and experience in creating an environment that feels safe and comfortable for participants who might otherwise feel anxiety or resistence to experiential techniques. 

Experiential Education:We help teachers explore methods of building experiential exercises into the classroom in a way that promotes a fun, interactive
learning environment.

Supervision and Mentorship

As a Board Certified Trainer, Nadya Trytan provides
mentorship and supervision to professionals and students
who are seeking to learn drama therapy.


Drama Therapy Center
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